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About Us

Treeleaf is an innovative technology company that creates and re-imagines what is possible. The company embraces problems and creative challenges to provide driven results. The main aim is to deliver AI and IoT solutions to various problem domains.

We see a world where technology enhances human potential and helps to take into a new era of intelligence. With a team focused on driving advancements, discovering technology solutions and enacting path to AI.


Our mission is to transform the world by utilizing the power of AI and IoT techniques and provide splendid solutions to solve real-world problems.

Our Team

"Passionate problem solvers"

We are a team of passionate, creative, hardworking, innovative and fun-loving people focused on generating the optimal solution to solve complex problems. We strive to deliver the finest AI and IoT solutions. Our team generates integrative ideas and result-driven approaches for problem-solving.

Our team will assist you in the way of success
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Yakov Mermelstein


Dipak Malla


Shalom Ohayon


Ashok Kumar Pant

V.P of Engineering

Yossi Friedman

VP Business Development

Advisory Team

"Collaboration win championships"

We coordinate with the most experienced and brainy people around the world. Our advisory team offers innovative advice and strong perspectives.

Yanky Einhorn


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at B&H photo for the last 3 years and CTO for the last 22 years....

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Preston Felton

New York State police Superintendent

New York State police Superintendent, with 27 years of service, including service as Acting Superintendent and...

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Mike Scagnelli

NYPD Chief

NYPD Chief for 39 years. Scagnelli was a decorated chief and gets high praises for his efforts to reduce crimes,...

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Shlomo Gadot

CEO, Inuitive Tech

CEO Inuitive Tech. Shlomo, a leading serial entrepreneur, was Founder & CEO of Percello (fabless Cellular UMTS small cell SoC company...

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Hans-Joachim Grallert

MD, Fraunhofer Institut Für Nachrichten - Heinrich-Hertz Institut HHI

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Grallert has been Managing Director of Fraunhofer Institut Für Nachrichten - Heinrich-Hertz Institut HHI since April 2005....

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Prof. Dr. Sashidhar Ram Joshi

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Institute of Engineering
Pulchowk, Kathmandu.

Prof. Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi is a faculty of a computer and knowledge engineering, IoE, Tribhuvan University....

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Kumar Pandey

CEO, ibriz.ai

Kumar Pandey has over 20 years of hands-on software development experience with focus over the last 10 years in fintech....

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Bal Krishna Bal, PhD

Associate Professor and Head - Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Lead Researcher - Information and Language Processing Research Lab
Kathmandu University

Dr. Bal's primary research area is Natural Language Processing (NLP) and he is in the field since 2005....

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Tej Bahadur Shahi

Lecturer, Tribhuvan University

Tej Bahadur Shahi is a lecturer at the Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, TU....

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Yogendra Maharjan

CEO, ITGlance

Entrepreneurial and driven Chief Executive, with 16 years of leading industry expertise in founding company....

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