Software Engineer - JAVA

Job Responsibilities

Lead new and existing applications along with enhancements, services and infrastructure.
Build and manage reliable software in a service-oriented environment, have such software operate at high-performance, demonstrated scalability and high reliability.
Perform hands-on coding while designing and architecting web application/content/search solutions.
Serve as a liaison between local and onsite team.
Mentor junior team members in proper software engineering methods and techniques, and develop programming guidelines to ensure these methods are accessible to other developers.

Requirement and Qualifications

2+ years of working experience as Java software engineer on backend.
In depth understating of JVM and Java language.
Should have knowledge or working experience on any relational database.
Should have knowledge or working experience on any NoSQL database.
Should have knowledge or working experience on any cross language serialization and RPC framework.
Solid understanding of data structures and algorithms.
Completed college or university project on AI or Big Data or projects regarding data structures and algorithms or any other high tech projects.
Experience on microservices and SOA.


Test driven development
JIRA or similar agile tools.
Comfortable working in a Linux environment.


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